1. What is HomeTab?

HomeTab is a web browser extension that allows full synchronization between your pc and Android operated device in order to bring you a different and better experience. HomeTab offers six panels that bring personalized information to your browser based on your web and mobile behavior.

2. How can I connect HomeTab with my mobile phone?

In order to provide the full HomeTab experience, you should synchronize your mobile phone with HomeTab. All you have to do is to download the "Connect" app from the Google Play Store, and sync it with HomeTab.

3. How many panels does HomeTab include?

HomeTab contain 6 different panels that present you with all the updates and information you need. Besides the panels, there is a convenient search box that offers a smarter, more focused search experience.

4. Is HomeTab safe?

HomeTab is 100% safe and secured. All information gathered by HomeTab is used in order to provide you with a better and smarter experience. We will never share your personal information with any third party agent, company, or organization.

5. How much does HomeTab costs?

HomeTab is offered 100% free of charge, no hidden costs whatsoever.

6. Can I custom HomeTab panels?

HomeTab features an innovative SmartPaneTM that can be customized in order to best fit your needs. Present photos, weather, traffic status and more from your mobile phone directly on your browser. The other 5 panels will react to your phone status in real time- see incoming calls, texts, alerts and more.

7. What Browsers support HomeTab?

HomeTab can be used with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

8. Where can I get HomeTab?

You can download HomeTab at www.newhometab.com or directly from here. To download "Connect" app for Android, visit the Google Play Store or click here.

9. How does HomeTab know what information to present?

HomeTab learns your habits and fully adjust to them. Whenever you're looking for more information or assistance, HomeTab is always there!

10. Can I change the search provider?

HomeTab is equipped with an advance search bar. Not only you get what you look for fast and easy, you get customized recommendations based on your search models.

11. How do I remove HomeTab?

How to remove HomeTab - detailed instructions

12. I have more questions. How can I contact you?

For more questions and further inquiries, please contact our support team at support@widdit.com.

13. Who is the team behind HomeTab?

HomeTab is a Widdit product, developed by a team that is made up of veterans from the mobile and advertising industry and responsible for Widdit’s success in the desktop and web environments. The team is dedicated to bring Widdit’s experience and know-how to the mobile platform and to create enhanced experiences for users. For more information about Widdit, visit: www.widdit.com.