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HomeTab connects your mobile phone with your pc, so you can enjoy the benefits of the two worlds on one screen. Get recommendations based on your real world activities directly to your pc.


New in town? No problem. Connect HomeTab with your phone and it will automatically give you the insights you need about where you are, where to go and what to see. From shows to the best restaurants in town and how to get there!

Fast and Intuitive

HomeTab serves you with relevant content in real time to make your life easier. So you can share photos from your phone directly on the web, get relevant information and reviews if you’re looking to see a movie and find a professional if you need to contact one.



Connecting your HomeTab to your phone is easy. All you have to do is click the connection dial, scan the QR code or click to go directly to Google Play. That’s it! You are now connected, and your home page just became 10 times better!

Mobile notifications, on steroids!

Did you ever dream of answering your text messages directly from your desktop? With HomeTab you can do just that, and… while you do that, relevant information will also show up on your screen, helping you discover information that is important to you, without having to even think of searching for it.

Know what you don’t know

There are no two HomeTabs alike. Your HomeTab is reflection of you and what you’re interested in and need, right now. HomeTab gets smarter the more you use it, to the point you will never have to search again – your content will be effortlessly brought to you (yes, even stuff you didn’t know you need to know… :)